About Smoky Drinky

SmokyDrinky is intended to be a prototype forum where smokers can meet up online – using Skype for example – to smoke and drink with other smokers like they used to be able to do in pubs and restaurants and cafes. It’s also intended as a showcase of videos of some of these conversations, many of which will be about the circumstances that smokers now find themselves in, and their responses to their new condition. In this manner, smokers who are now totally excluded from public debate in the mainstream media may begin to have their voices heard once again. For many smokers these online conversations may also be a welcome renewal of a social life that many of them lost when smoking bans were introduced.

At present, access to the prototype SmokyDrinky forum is only available by email application to Frank Davis at cfrankdavis -at- googlemail.com . Suggestions for development of this prototype will be welcomed. Antismokers of any kind are unwelcome.