Smoky Drinky 1

The new Smoky Drinky WordPress blog that I (Frank Davis) am launching today (12 June 2017) has a number of separate aims:

    1. To recreate online, as best as possible, the pub environment where people smoked and drank and talked, and in so doing subvert the process of “denormalising” smoking.
    2. To begin to create a new online pub community where smokers can meet up on Skype or Facebook for online chats, discussions, or debates.
    3. To produce and publish on YouTube or Vimeo or wherever a number of videos of people drinking and smoking and talking, so that not only other smokers can see and hear them, but also non-smokers can see and hear them too.

A simple graphic might explain these stages, firstly of people talking to each other, and then forming a community, and finally getting their voices heard by outsiders:

The comments section is intended primarily for discussion of the SmokyDrinky blog. Commenters will need their first comment approved before it appears. After that they will be able to comment freely.


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